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tangentgeneral's podcast

Mar 18, 2018

The world seems to be build for machines, the question that I have been contemplating recently is: “how do we remain human?” Depression is something that I suffer from, it is a part of my bipolar disorder. I want to share my story of my recent struggle with depression. In the first story today I share that with you.

In the second story, Drew Sample of the Sample Hour Podcast, joins me in the first part of a two part discussion where we discuss Wendell Berry and his role in guiding us towards taking better care for ourselves and our home.

Fast food is delicious and a ready comfort for the overwhelming emotions that are triggered by the overwhelming stimulus that we have floating all around us in the either. But to garden, to cook and to clean our kitchens and to clean our bodies is one of the most important challenges that we have in our contemporary society. So whilst Jordan Peterson may instruct us to clean our rooms, I say: Clean our bodies, eat healthy, get plenty of sunlight and exercise and work on developing a consistent sleep cycle.

Thanks for all of your support so far, I look forward to making more amazing episodes for you soon! Up coming guests include: C Derick Varn, Phil Surdam, Antony Sammeroff, and Chris Stefanick.